Decrease work-related discomfort and injuries

Save Money!

Improve Productivity

Do You Have Concerns About...

Physical Therapy Cleveland OH
  • Tingling in the Hands, Carpal Tunnel Symptoms?
  • Fatigue & Loss of Focus?
  • Pain Due to Repetitive Muscle Strain?
  • Fear of Deteriorating Health Because of Prolonged Sitting?

Work Doesn’t Have to Be Uncomfortable
When You Work with Us, Here’s What You’ll Experience:

Why you should consider ergonomic injury prevention over post-injury treatments:

Service Comparison
Ergoinspire Physical Therapy Medical Care
Average Cost $300 $1,000 $42,000
Productivity Improved Lost Lost
Lower Insurance/Admin Cost Yes No No
Preventive Yes No No
Positive Morale Yes No No
Improved Employee Fitness Yes No No
Ergo Inspire
Average Cost$300
Lower Insurance/Admin CostYes
Positive MoraleYes
Improved Employee FitnessYes
Physical Therapy
Average Cost$1,000
Lower Insurance/Admin CostNo
Positive MoraleNo
Improved Employee FitnessNo
Medical Care
Average Cost$42,000
Lower Insurance/Admin CostNo
Positive MoraleNo
Improved Employee FitnessNo

We’re Uniquely Qualified to Help Solve Your Problems

  • Licensed by Ohio OTPTAT Board in Physical Therapy Assisting
  • Certified in Health & Wellness Coaching 2021
  • Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist
  • Remote Ergonomic Assessment Specialist
  • Licensed by State of Ohio Medical Board in Massage Therapy

What Clients Are Saying

  • Pamela has first-hand knowledge of mechanical injuries that can manifest from postural dysfunction.

    Rocklend Davis, Adjunct Professor, Cuyahoga Community College

  • This is a service that is needed... more than ever!

    Jeff Baker, Vice President, McMichael Insurance Agency

  • Prior to Pam's evaluation of my workspace and posture, I had been dealing with upper back pain for 4 months. I noticed a change almost immediately after adjusting my workspace per Pam's suggestions, with my back pain almost completely gone after two weeks.

    Megan H.

  • Pam was a lifesaver!

    Brenda Redmond, Attorney

  • Pam is worth every penny you will invest in ergonomics and body positioning, whether that’s learning to sit in a way that eases or eliminates pain in your body...

    Shirley M., Marketing Communications Consultant

"My vision at Ergo Inspire, is to help clients avoid pain before it starts."

During my healthcare career, I worked with more and more patients, I realized that much of the pain and chronic/long-term problems I treated could be prevented.

This prompted me to get advanced certifications in ergonomics and remote office assessment.

My passion is to look at each person and how they interact with their work environment.

Examining in detail how one’s body interfaces with their work environment, how it reacts to prolonged external challenges of the modern-day work setting, allows me to provide each individual with an expert plan to have an optimal work experience.

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