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Pam was a lifesaver!

I transitioned to working from home due to COVID. Pam evaluated and made adjustments to my home work station to ensure I did not strain my neck and shoulders, which has been a major issue in the past. I have had zero issues since she made the adjustments.

— Brenda Redmond, Attorney

This is a service that is needed... more than ever!

With some manageable adjustments to our workstations my family is working at our computers with less pain and soreness. Pam's ergonomic expertise and enthusiasm to help people is evident and I highly recommend her to anyone that works at a computer.

— Jeff Baker, Vice President, McMichael Insurance Agency

Pamela has first-hand knowledge of mechanical injuries that can manifest from postural dysfunction.

Because we are faced with new challenges, our environment has forced us to transition our home to a workspace. This will most likely require a specialized and individualized approach to set up an ergonomically appropriate solution that will help us adapt to our environment that will reduce injuries and enhance our home productivity.

— Rocklend Davis, Adjunct Professor, Cuyahoga Community College

Pam has the innate ability to meet each client "where they are," tailoring a program to their needs.

Pam is worth every penny you will invest in ergonomics and body positioning, whether that’s learning to sit in a way that eases or eliminates pain in your body; learning which types of furniture or props you need to build a more productive office environment; to adopting new habits that improve your strength and well-being. Pam’s background in massotherapy and physical therapy assisting, along with her certification in ergonomics, makes her a vital resource for the wellbeing and productivity of your company, employees, and your bottom line.

—Shirley Pastore McCormack, Marketing Communications Consultant

Prior to Pam's evlauation of my workspace and posture, I had been dealing with upper back pain for 4 months.

I had consulted two doctors and a physical therapist, but nothing had worked in alleviating my pain. I noticed a change almost immediately after adjusting my workspace per Pam's suggestions, with my back pain almost completely gone after two weeks. I thought I was doing everything right, having bought a standing desk and ergonomic mouse, but the feedback I recieved was far beyond that. In addition to the adjustments to my work station and posture while sitting and standing, the assessment made me so much more aware of my posture throughout the day, during any activity. I would absolutely recommend Ergo Inspire to anyone that spends time at a desk!

—Megan H.