About Us

Merging Ergonomics with Awareness, Movement & Education

For 25 years, Pamela has been an allied healthcare professional in Northeast Ohio helping people manage, minimize, and eliminate musculoskeletal pain with her licensed skills in massotherapy and physical therapy assisting. Since 2012, she worked for physical therapy clinics, treating people experiencing a variety of injuries, pain, and even dizziness.

As she worked with more patients, she realized that many of these conditions could be prevented with education and coaching. This prompted her to get additional certifications in ergonomics and remote ergonomic office assessments.

The vision she has set forth at Ergo Inspire, is to help clients avoid pain before it has a chance to begin. Her passion is to educate clients on how their body stands, sits, and moves through space – and the necessary steps to return them to their original, upright, position: pain-free. The approach she has set is holistic and designed to appreciate and address not just the client's ergonomic environment but their physical and mental well-being as well.


  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, December 2021
  • Licensed by State of Ohio Medical Board in Massage Therapy 1996
  • Licensed by Ohio OTPTAT Board in Physical Therapy Assisting 2011
  • Certified in Health and Wellness Coaching 2021
  • Earned CEAS 1 (Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist)
  • Earned EOEAS (Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist)
  • Earned REAS (Remote Ergonomic Assessment Specialist)