The Covid-19 work-from-home situation is not going away anytime soon. In fact, according to a recent article in USA Today, 61% of white collar workers will prefer to continue working from home, post-pandemic. What does this mean for the typical worker that has been using a laptop at their kitchen table for the past 10 months? Something needs to change - immediately!

Plain and simple: it's impossible to use a laptop alone and be ergonomically correct. To sit with proper posture and avoid issues like headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, dizziness there need to be modifications to a laptop.

ADD A MONITOR To avoid the forward head posture that is taking over the human race, we need to sit up tall. This means the screen needs to be at eye level Generally a laptop screen alone is not going to allow for the user to sit up straight. Adding a monitor at the appropriate height will support that upright posture.

ADD A KEYBOARD: Because of the traditional laptop design, if the monitor is at the correct height the user will be shrugging up their shoulders to make contact with the mouse and keyboard. This is ergonomically incorrect. Enter: shoulder pain, numbness and tingling into the arms and hands and possibly wrist pain.

ADD A WRIST REST: Contact stress from our bodies being in contact with hard and often sharp edges is considered an ergonomic risk factor because that tissue is being crushed or pinched, causing chronic pain. This is common from sitting at a kitchen table with a laptop. A wrist rest will help mitigate that issue.

GET UP AND MOVE: REALLY!! Whether you are using a laptop or a desktop, remember: our bodies were not designed to sit all day. We were meant to move. The rates of obesity in the United States is a clear consequence that we have become more sedentary than ever before. Try to implement a routine in your day that involves getting up every 20-30 minutes and stretching, walking, doing jumping jacks, a few yoga moves or anything else your physician would recommend to keep the blood flowing and even burn a few calories.

GET AN ERGONOMIC ASSESSMENT: Whether you are using a laptop, desktop or your parents' old Commodore-64 ancient computer, an ergonomic assessment will help you to understand what is needed to improve your workspace and avoid chronic pain. Assessments are being performed REMOTELY during the pandemic and are proving valuable.

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