The harping that our mothers gave to us regarding standing up straight did have merit. The posture that we use as we live our lives doesn't just affect how we look. It has a direct impact on our health.

The time spent in front of computers, particularly laptops is at an all-time high. Statistics are proving that record numbers of people own laptops and spend increasing amounts of time in front of them even during their non-working hours. It is physically impossible to have good ergonomics while using a laptop. Ergonomics teaches us the correct way to perform work to prevent injury and pain. However the best ergonomic set-up will be proven ineffective if the worker doesn't mind their posture.

Benefits of good posture include:

  • –Decreased risk of injury and pain due to muscle strain.
  • –Improved productivity
  • –Improved focus, concentration and mood
  • –Potentially improved hormone levels: Testosterone and Cortisol

Ergonomic assessments should include postural education to identify and mitigate risk factors. Schedule your assessment today. 440-570-0077.