Safety in body mechanics: 5 “L’s” of lifting

November 5, 2020

Ergonomics and posture awareness are not exclusive to computer work. The method we use for lifting and carrying objects can greatly affect our health and well-being. Understanding body mechanics and abiding by those principles will help you to stay safe whether you are carrying boxes through a warehouse all day or bringing your groceries into your home from the car. Keep these tips in mind:

LOAD: Test the weight of an object before lifting it. Attempting to lift an object that is too heavy for you will likely result in a back pain and strain.

LEVER: Keep the object being carried as close to your trunk/center of gravity as possible. Physics teaches us that the further away the object is carried by the arms, the heavier it becomes.

LEGS: Whenever possible, lower your body to an object being lifted by squatting down and use your legs to power up into standing.

LORDOSIS: Engage your core muscles by tightening them and try to keep your back straight rather than bending at the waist.

LUNGS: NEVER hold your breath while lifting an object. Be mindful of your breathing and exhale while lifting.